Red Blooded - Amanda  Carlson

Jessica McClain journeys to the underworld to rescue her twin brother, Tyler, after he was taken in Book Three, Cold Blooded.

Jessica continues to be a worthy heroine.  She is strong both mentally and physically.  She is fair and brave.  She makes an admirable leader, that would be easy to follow.  I enjoy the conversations between Jessica and her wolf.  They are really quite amusing.  


Jessica has a ton of people that believe in her and are willing to help her.  However, due to circumstances beyond her control, she winds up in the underworld, for the most part, on her own.   She meets some people in the underworld, and for obvious reasons does not know who she can trust.  Jessica continues to develop some-odd alliances that keep the story interesting.


The description of the underworld was imaginative.  I like that it stayed away from the cliché.  Carlson created a very graphic environment that was easy to visualize.  


The plot was intriguing.  A lot of things happen that will affect their future.  This remains to be a worthwhile urban fantasy series that I continue to enjoy.   


Complimentary copy provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.