Lover, Divine (Mythos: Gods and Lovers #1) - A. Star, Mia Darien, Regina Wamba

Siobhan Law is from a family that protects the secrete of the existence of the Greek gods and acts as their representatives on earth.  She has gained the interest of Apollo, god of the Sun, who is determined to win her heart.


I liked Siobhan.  It makes sense that she draws the attention of Apollo since he is the god of music, and she is a talented musician.  She is witty and strong.  She has a good heart and is likeable. 


I do question Liam Argyros’ (aka Apollo) method of introducing himself to Siobhan.  Seriously if it was me, I would have been pretty angry and probably stubborn. Okay he is the god of music and clearly talented, so I’m sure I would have gotten over it but still. As far as the gods go, he is a good choice for Siobhan, and I could see the appeal.


I like Vicky and Rupert.  They are good friends to Siobhan.  Vicky kept the story colorful.    


A. Star (Diantha Jones) did a great job in with the dialect in the writing.  Having married into an Irish family, I definitely felt the writing was authentic.


After completing Lover, Divine, I am very interested in reading Diantha Jones’ Oracle of Delphi Series, which takes place after this book.  I really enjoy contemporary mythology novels and feel this one was well done.  The Greek gods seem consistent with the original myths, making this story seem believable.