Blood Beyond Darkness (Darkness Series Book 4) - Stacey Marie Brown

In the last book of the Darkness Series, Ember is faced with difficult decisions, having to make sacrifices to save the world.


Ember is a captivating heroine.  She has grown a lot throughout the series.  She has dealt with many emotional issues.  So many things have gone wrong for her.  I really wanted to see her happy and successful.


I still love the back and forth dialog between Ember and  Eli.  They have such a wonderful chemistry: I never tier of it.  Even when they are  mad at each other, it is obvious they love each other.


The pixies are great.  They really add humor to the story.  I especially love the battle of wills between Eli and Cal. 


Stacey Marie Brown did an exceptional job creating Blood Beyond Darkness.  I felt numerous emotions throughout the novel.   There were so many unexpected twists and turns.  I am really sad to see this series end.  


If you have not tried the Darkness Series, I highly recommend it.  Each book is well-written and original.  I felt invested in the characters, cheering them on.   This mesmerizing fantasy and will keep you entertained.