Risky Business - Melissa Cutler

After an ugly divorce, Allison Whitely moved to Destiny Falls, New York to start a new life as the owner of a boat rental company called Cloud Nine.  
Cloud Nine manager, Theo Lacroix, had a dream of buying the company until Allison shows up upsetting his dream.  The two have a difficult start, needing to learn to work together.


Allison Whitely was courageous for moving to Destiny Falls and starting over.  I like that she was determined and did not back down.  I also appreciated that she admits to her weaknesses and wants to change them.


Theo Lacroix is a noble hero.  He had a difficult past and made decisions that he wasn’t proud of.  I like that he finally forgave himself, and that he was open minded, getting a chance at happiness.  I also respected the creative methods Theo used to overcome his disability.  


I love that the Bomb Squad hockey team is made up of injured military veterans.  I think that it is great that this group of guys found something to fight for. That they did not give up on life because of what they suffered.  


Melissa Cutler did a great job with this first book in the Bomb Squad Series.  She created a wonderful town, with worthy characters that I look forward to getting to know better as the series progresses.  Cutler is off to a great start, creating an insightful and believable series.    


Complimentary copy provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.