Delay of Game (Portland Storm Book 4) - Catherine Gayle

Sara is the daughter of the legendary hockey coach Scotty Thomas. She has taken care of her father ever since her mother left.  


Enforcer Cam Johnson has been interested in Sara but considered her off limits since she is the coach’s daughter; however, due to extenuating circumstances, Cam makes it his mission to take care of and protect Sara.


Sara is a wonderful heroine.  She is strong and stubborn.  She’s loyal, despite being afraid to let others in.  She has so many emotional issues to deal with that my heart just went out to her. 


I love Cam.  As an enforcer, it’s not surprising that he likes to safeguard those he loves.  Having grown up without a father, taking care of his mom and sisters, definitely gave him an edge with Sara.  He is not afraid to fight on the ice but is calm off of it.  I appreciated that although Cam had his own issues to deal with, he would put others needs in front of his, as well as facing consequences and not expecting preferential treatment. 


I love how the team is like a family.  They look out for each other and support one another.


True to form, Catherine Gayle created an exceptional plot with believable issues.  Delay of Game is a heartwarming story that I fell in love with.  The story held me captivated with every word.  Not once did I want to skim through the novel.  I was reading another book that had me falling asleep, so I decided to start reading this book and was instantly energized.  I would highly recommend this series to people that enjoy contemporary sports romances.  


A gifted copy was provided for an honest review.