Colleen Playfair inherited a castle in Scotland. Grant MacQuarrie’s pack has been managing that estate for three centuries. Neither one is what the other expected.


Colleen is a wonderful heroine. I love that she has a back bone and doesn’t let the pack walk all over her. She is a worthy alpha female who will challenge any alpha male; maybe a little to the extreme.


I liked Grant. He is a strong alpha and a loyal leader who looks out for those he cares for. He wrongly prejudged Colleen, but admirably was willing to admit his mistakes.


I really enjoyed the plot. It has an appealing twist in shape shifter novels. The story was interesting and kept me intrigued. I loved the pirate party. The battle of wits between the males and females was definitely entertaining.


Hero of a Highland Wolf is a delightful book that has a little of everything: paranormal, humor, mystery, action, and romance. Terry Spear is an exceptional writer whose work I look forward to continuing reading.


Complimentary copy provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.