Wicked Flames (Solsti Prophecy) (Volume 3) - Sharon Kay

Gin Bonham was born with the gift to manipulate fire. Scared of her power, she chose to ignore it.

Lash Demon, Mathias Hunter, has been assigned the task of persuading Gin to join her sisters and fellow Solsti in the upcoming fight foretold in a prophecy.

Being from Chicago and having gone to the University of Illinois, I love the locations in this book. It makes it all the easier to visualize as well as feeling more invested in the places. However, I would have enjoyed Wicked Flames even if it didn’t take place there.

I actually took a Ballroom Dance elective at U of I, so I appreciated the dance scene at the beginning of the story. It was well described and original. The event was definitely, an ingenious way for Mathias to introduce himself to Gin.

I love Gin. Having a bad experience with her gift, she is afraid to use it because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. That proves she is a good person and not someone who is power hungry. She chooses a profession that can help people and give back to the community: something she is destined to do.

Mathias is a great hero. He has the perfect powers to compliment Gin.

The story was unique and well told. I found it fascinating how everything that happened intertwined with each other.

If you enjoy Paranormal Romance and haven’t read the Solsti Prophecy Series, I would give it a try. It is distinctive and well written. It is easy fall in love with the characters and enjoy the plot. Sharon Kay is a commendable author whose work I look forward to continuing reading.

Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.