Dwellers of Darkness - Stacey Marie Brown

Ember Brycin returns home from the Otherworld. It felt like she was gone a few days but in the human realm, she had been gone for three years. Now she is being hunted by the Seelie Queen; she needs to avoid the Unseelie King for her broken oath, and Eli is furious with her. If that isn’t enough, she has to fulfill the prophecy and obtain the Sword of Light to kill the Queen.


Poor Ember has her hands full. She has had to cope with so much. Her love life has gone haywire, and she still has loved ones that need rescuing. Then there is the small matter of finding the Sword of Light, no pressure.


The love triangle between Ember, Eli, and Toren became more interesting in Dwellers of Darkness. I will admit, while Torin is nice, I prefer Elighan Dragen. He has the brooding alpha male mastered. I still can’t get enough of Ember and Eli’s witty banter.

I adore the scenes with the pixies, Cal and Simmons; they are entertaining comic relief. The two add a lot of humor to the story and amusing pranks.


I love this series! I read books one to three back to back. It was so spellbinding it only took me two days to read all three books. I can’t wait for the last novel Blood Beyond Darkness. If you love paranormal don’t skip this series. It is well-written and action pact. The characters are phenomenal and the story incredible.


Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.