Five: Out of the Pit - Holli Anderson

The Five, also known as the Quinae Praesidia (Five Protectors), journey to Moab, Utah. They need to regroup and develop their powers with help of their mentor, Joe.

Paige is on a quest to discover a cure for Johnathan’s lycanthropy. Meanwhile, she has caught the attention of an Incubus.

I love that Paige is self-sacrificing. She will do anything to help Johnathan. It was interesting to read about their relationship. They learn a lot about each other and undergo numerous emotions toward each other. 

I like how the Five have become like a family in such a short time. It is understandable with everything they have endured together. 

I especially enjoyed the introduction of Imp, Surpy. He reminded me of a more mischievous, Doby, from Harry Potter. I loved his little battle of wits with Seth. It definitely added a humor element to the story.

Holli Anderson did an excellent job of including a lot of information and sub stories to this novel while keeping I believable. The more I learn about the characters the more invested I feel. 

Complimentary copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review.