Melody's Wolf - Mina Carter

Melody's Wolf is the first book in the Lyric Hounds Series and 170th in the 1NightStand Series. The latter being comprised of various authors in the same universe were Madame Eve arranges “one-night stands" that seems to last a lot longer than an evening. Each book can be read individually.


Melody Simmons has had a two year dating drought. Her brother, Barrett, arranges for her to have a one-night stand through Madame Eve’s dating service.


Werewolf, Aaron Rixx, is the lead singer of the world-famous Lyric Hounds. Just once, he wants to spend the evening with someone who has no idea who he is and enjoy him for himself, not his image. He arranges a night through Madame Eve hoping to get precisely that.


I was amazed at how much detail Mina Carter packed into this short 29 page book (on my eReader). She filed it with so much information I had no problem relating to the characters. I truly enjoyed the characters and the plot. This was a fun quick read that you can easily fit in your schedule. I will definitely read the next books in the Lyric Hounds Series.


Complimentary copy provided publisher via in exchange for an honest review.