Out of Play - Nyrae Dawn, Jolene Perry
Drummer Bishop Riley suffers from anxiety when in large crowds; not a good predicament for one of the stars from the world hottest rock band. To ease his tension, Bishop began popping pills to take the edge off. After overdosing on drugs, he is given an ultimatum by his mom and manager. Go to Seldon, Alaska and clean up or he out of the band.

Penny Jones is the only female playing on her high school hockey team. She has received abundant women’s hockey scholarship offers. Everyone is pressuring her to leave Alaska to attend one of the numerous schools in the country. No one seems to understand that she loves Alaska and playing for the men's team.

I LOVE this book! Okay, first off, I admit I am a bit biased because my son plays drums and plays hockey so both subject matters are very near and dear in my heart. That being said, Jolene Perry and Nyrae Dawn did an excellent job describing how those two activities make the characters feel.

Perry and Dawn did such an incredible job describing what Bishop and Penny were going through in their heads. The reader really feels what the characters are experiencing: their pitfalls and growths. Out of Play is very well-written and believable.

I think part of the appeal of the story is that it is written in a two-person point of view so the reader has a lot of insight into Bishop and Penny, feeling their emotions. I highly recommend Out of Play. It is a truly wonderful book.

ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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