Dark Lycan (Carpathian) - Christine Feehan
4.5 of 5 stars

Carpathian-Lycan hybrid Fenris Dalka is hunting the Vampire-Lycan that have made their way to his Carpathian homeland. He has lived in fear of what his brethren will think of him now that he has evolved to a new creature; one that is considered an abomination and hunted by the Lycan.

Dragonseekers Tatijana was recently rescued after being imprisoned her entire life by her evil father. For the first time, she can do what she wants. The last thing on her mind is to find her life mate and once again be tied down.

The two meet, and it is clear they are life mates: Fen apprehensive to tie someone’s life to his and Tatijana not wanting to give up her freedom.

It’s been a while since I read a book by Christine Feehan. I have always enjoyed her Dark Series, although I do admit that I skipped a few. It was clear some interesting things happened in the previous books, and I am definitely going to have to go back and read the novels I missed. I have always appreciated that Christine Feehan’s books are in sequence but can easily be read as a stand-alone.

I loved the whole concept of the Carpathian-Lycan mix versus the Vampire-Lycan mix. It was very carefully thought out and original. Ruler, Mikhail Dubrinsky, was very insightful in giving the Carpathian-Lycan mix a new name to help separate them from their Vampire-Lycan counterparts.

I enjoyed being reunited with previous characters as well as discovering new ones. Feehan does an exceptional job of making the reader feel invested in the characters. Fenris is thoughtful and strong. He is very honorable, making him the perfect Carpathian-Lycans mix. Tatijana is resilient considering she led a life imprisoned. She is the perfect mate for Fen. They make an extraordinary couple.

I can’t wait to read Fen’s brother Dimetri Tirunul and Skyler Daratrazanoff story in Dark Wolf (Dark #25) and then Tatijana’s sister Branislava and Zev Hunter’s story in Dark Blood (Dark, #26). I love those Carpathian-Lycans and Dragonseekers; they complement each other well.

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