The Good Dog - Avi
I thought it would be appropriate to post my son's book report for this book. He was nine years old when he wrote it. Ya, okay I helped edit it...

First I have a funny story about this book. The main character in the book is a black and white malamute named McKinley. We have a black and white husky named McKinley. While my son, Justin, was reading this book, our "Bad Dog" McKinley decided to eat the book "The Good Dog." How is that for irony?

Justin gave the book 4 1/2 stars out of 5. Here is his review:

I finished reading an awesome book called The Good Dog by Avi. The book is about a black-and-white malamute named McKinley. It is set in modern day. He has an owner named Jack. They live in Steamboat Springs. In the story, McKinley makes friends with a wolf, named Lupin. McKinley is the head dog, and the other dogs support him, except for his rival, Redburn. Redburn thinks he should be the head dog.

One morning McKinley woke up and opened the door with his paw. Someone left a piece of paper at the door with a picture of his greyhound friend Duchess on it. It said “Lost” and “Reward $200” on it. McKinley knew why she ran off, Duchess’ owner, Pycraft, was mean. Afterward, Pycraft planned a hunting party to hunt the wolf because he thought Duchess ran off with her. He wants to kill both of them. McKinley knew he must protect his friends. McKinley found Lupin and told her humans were hunting them. When the hunters were nearby, McKinley saw Redburn leading them. McKinley was not surprised. Redburn did everything his humans told him. Redburn tries to attach Lupin. McKinley launched on top on Redburn to protect her. Redburn yelps because McKinley scratched him. Pycraft aims his gun to shoot McKinley thinking he is the wolf. Fortunately, McKinley’s owner, Jack, pushed Pycraft on the ground. Jacked saved McKinley. The hunters gave up. Everything was fine. McKinley was still head dog. He didn’t get shot. Duchess joined Lupin’s pack. They lived happily ever after.

I enjoyed the action in this book. Plus, most of the dogs were really cool. I enjoyed that my dog is also named McKinley and looks like the main character.