Stone Guardian  - Danielle Monsch
Twenty-six years ago, the unthinkable happened. Two different dimensions clashed causing what is currently known as The Great Collision. Earth’s human realm merged with a magical world that includes: gargoyles, gryphons, shapeshifters, wizards, zombies, vampires, and more.

Larissa Miller was born during the collision. She never knew what the Earth was like before or met her mother who died during child birth. She is an ordinary history teacher living in the human-only part of the city. For unknown reasons, the supernatural world is suddenly interested in Larissa.

Due to a prophecy, Terak, Leader of the Gargoyle, has been watching an unsuspecting human woman for months. Having no idea what makes her so special. Suddenly, on his watch, she is attacked by zombies, and he rescues her. Terak brings the woman to his home, exposing the clan to her human eyes. Now with some help they need to discover why the Necromancers are interested in Larissa.

This is my first gargoyle novel, and I really enjoyed it. Danielle Monsch wrote a wonderful novel that is packed with excitement. Stone Guardian is a well-written creative tale. The characters are well-defined and believable. The story is refreshing and original.

Stone Guardian is a successful first book in the Entwined Realms Series. I look forward to seeing what Danielle Monsch comes up with in the second book.

ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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