Fairies in My Fireplace (A Monster Haven Story, #3) - R.L. Naquin
Zoey Dononan is the only remaining Aegis left in the country. It is her job to protect and keep the Hidden safe. The Hidden are mythical creatures, including but not limited to fairies, djinn, goblins, harpies, and yetis.

Something is coming, and it has the Hidden scared. They are disappearing all over the country. Using her empathy powers to help find the missing Hidden, Zoey and crew need to stop the hunters before it’s too late.

R. L. Naquin has created a wonderful world in the Monster Haven Series. I love the dialog; it kept me laughing. Fairies in My Fireplace is creative and humorous read that I definitely recommend to lovers of Urban Fantasy. If you enjoy fantasy novels and laughing, this story is for you.

ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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