A Primer for Corporate America on Civil Rights for the Disabled - Patricia A. Morrissey
4 1/2 of 5 stars

Honey Holbrook is the daughter of former NHL Star and current owner of the California Condors, Steve Holbrook. She was an in the spotlight wild child growing up. Honey was constantly in the tabloids for her behavior.

NHL star Matt Heller is the youngest Heller brother. He is recovering from a traumatizing injury that had him taken off the ice on a stretcher. In his down time, management is having him meet with The Condors Community Foundation, an organization that oversees the team charitable contributions. The last person he expected to see there at a meeting was his ex-fling from eight years ago, the boss’ daughter, Honey Holbrook.

I loved this book. It was emotional and endearing. The characters are dynamic and real. You feel for Honey having to live with the mistakes of her past and having people continually judge her for it. You love Matt for giving her a chance and not caring what people think of him for associating with her.

I’m so sad Matt was the last of the Heller Brothers. I think Kelly Jamieson is going to have to write the next generation of Heller’s story. I mean they do have kids after all. This was such a wonderful series it is sad to see it end. Jamieson definitely ended the series on a high note.

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