Rock The Wolfe - Karyn Gerrard
3 1/2 of 4 Stars

Rock star Wolfe Phalen suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. He is recovering at his parent’s house after his band breaks up, and his marriage falls apart. While taking a walk in his parent’s neighborhood, he meets Kerri Coleson, a school teacher who captivates his attention.

Rock The Wolfe is an endearing story that is a quick read. The book is 45 pages long on my eReader. You can easily finish the book in one sitting. Karyn Gerrard packs a lot of details into this short story making it believable and worth the read.

I like Wolfe’s character. He has undergone a lot and with Kerri’s help, he begins to heal. The two characters complement each other well. There is a fun scene where they discuss bands and music before Kerri realizes who Wolfe is that is one of my favorite conversations in the story.

ARC provided publisher via in exchange for an honest review.