Web of Lies (The Red Ridge Pack) - Sara Dailey,  Staci Weber
Eighteen-year-old future Red Ridge Pack Enforcer, Luke Stanton, is put in the middle of the alpha’s family drama. If that isn’t enough he meets the first girl who has ever been able to hold his interest. Too bad Scarlett Reed was sent by the Crescent Hill Pack to help overthrow the Red Ridge Pack, the pack Luke is sworn to protect.

I was engrossed in Web of Lies from the first page. I stayed up until 3am to finish this novel. Sara Dailey & Staci Weber are an excellent writing duo. Every sentence flows perfectly.

I love Luke’s character. He is loyal and strong. He has always put his pack first, even to the point of not dating pack girls.

I sympathized with Scarlett. All she wanted was her father’s love and pack acceptance. She is put in a difficult situation that she wants to overcome.

I appreciate that we still hear about characters in the previous books. There is so much that goes on in Web of Lies, it is really amazing.

If you love young adult/shape shifter novels and have not yet tried The Red Ridge Pack series you have definitely got to do so.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.