Facing Me (Shaft on Tour, #2) - Cat Mason
Aiden Chesterfield is the drummer for the up-and-coming band Shaft. In book one, Escaping Me, he sent the women he loves, Camaron Allen, away because he could not deal with her insecurities. Now the two are struggling without each other, both being irreplaceable.

Facing Me was a wonderful and well written novel. Camaron and Aiden have issues they must overcome. Cameron needs to conquer her feeling of being unworthy and Aiden has to deal with the haunting memories of his childhood. Both characters are very well developed, making you feel emotionally connected to them.

I love the dialog in the book. It is obvious that the characters are good friends and have known each other forever through their hilarious verbal banter. They are all there for each other forming a family, supporting and protecting each other.

I did not read book one, Escaping Me. I had no problem following the story but there are many references to the first novel. If anything it left me very intrigued and wanting to backtrack and read it. If I were to do it over, I would read them in order. That being said, Cat Mason does an excellent job at recapping the first story, so I was never confused or lost.

I really enjoyed Facing Me and became invested in all the characters. I am definitely interested in discovering what happens next in the Shaft on Tour Series. Facing Me offers a little of everything: drama, romance, entertainment, music, humor, mystery, and suspense. This was an excellent read; I'm glad I found it.

Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.