In a Badger Way (Honey Badger Chronicles #2) -  Shelly Laurenston

The MacKilligan sisters' story continues, IN A BADGER WAY by Shelly Laurenston.  Honey Badger/Tiger hybrid, Stevie MacKilligan goes undercover to help capture a scientist experimenting on hybrids.  Simultaneously, she sets her sights on Bodyguard/Giants Panda shifter, Shen Li.  This contemporary PNR is suitable for adults. It will have you laughing uncontrollably. 


I can always count on Shelly Laurenston to make me laugh so hard that I cry.  I love her humor.  I find it amusing how she adds in different animal quirks of the shifters.  Top that off with the hybrids and she takes it to another level of entertaining.  There is never a dull moment in this story. 


I love Stevie.  She was a child prodigy in both music and science.  I love the way her mind works.  The stuff going on with her family is always amusing.  Shen is the perfect boyfriend, whether he wants to be or not, for Stevie.  He’s laid back and happy.  I love how he chews bamboo any time he wants to distract someone’s attention. 


I appreciate how Shelly Laurenston includes characters from her other work in this story.  It’s fun when someone from a previous book pops up.  I’m always excited when Shelly Laurenston comes out with a new shifter book.  I was not disappointed.  IN A BADGER WAY had me laughing throughout the entire book.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.