Royce - Kat Mizera

Kat Mizera lights the lamp with ROYCE, the tenth book in the Las Vegas Sidewinders series.   Hockey star Royce Lenahan’s best friend and teammate, Dmitri Papadakis, asked him to take his little sister, Kristina, to a rock concert.  She’s not the quiet girl with glasses that he remembered.  She is free-spirited, the opposite of his programmed lifestyle.


I like Tina and Royce.  They have different personalities.  She is artistic, free-spirited, and spontaneous.  Royce is a great athlete, organized, and scheduled.  They are both hard working.  Royce is a bit uptight and Tina is the perfect person to loosen him up.


I enjoyed the plot.  The couple had many interesting obstacles to overcome.  There were significant life lessons.  I appreciated the similarities between Tina and Royce’s mom. I like Casey Hart and Jayson Keller.  I enjoyed what they added to the story.  I thought it was clever how Royce and Tina met them. 


ROYCE was skillfully written and entertaining.  It is a perfect addition to the Las Vegas Sidewinders series.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.