Playing Hurt - Kelly Jamieson

Kelly Jamieson scores with PLAYING HURT the sixth book in the Aces Hockey series.  Left winger Chase Hartman and pop star Jordyn Banks strike up a friendship on Twitter.  After losing a bet on a hockey game, Jordyn agrees to go on a date with Chase.  The two have different medical issues that threaten their careers, thus relating to one another.  This contemporary sports romance in suitable for adult audiences.  The story primarily takes place in Chicago.


I really enjoyed this story.  I love how Chase and Jordyn meet.  They have a lot in common and help each other cope with their similar situations.  They are a fun couple.  I appreciated that they were both so down to earth and that they can act like themselves around one another.  I was impressed by Chases date choices. 


They both had potentially career-ending medical conditions to deal with.  It was interesting reading how they handled their situations.  They have several obstacles to overcome throughout the story, like Jordyn living in L.A. and Chase in Chicago.  Not to mention crazy work schedules.  They both grow throughout the novel.


Kelly Jamieson does a wonderful job with this novel.  It is an excellent addition to the Aces Hockey series.  Her writing is skillfully executed, and her plot is fun and heartfelt.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.