ISAN - Mary Ting

I love Mary Ting’s ISAN (International Sensory Assassin Network). Seventeen-year-old, Ava has a special DNA marker that allows a unique drug known as Helix to enhance her abilities. She is given a choice of remaining in juvenile detention or joining ISAN (International Sensory Assassin Network). After being captured by a rebel group she is told that her life is a lie. She has no idea who she can trust. This dystopian novel is suitable for young adults.

ISAN reminded me of a combination of the television series Alias (2001-06) and the Matrix movie series. It is creative, full of action, and mysterious. I like Ava. She has some interesting powers like being able to store architectural blueprints in her mind to help her on her missions. She is a good leader. She has had a difficult life. I like that she is strong-willed.

The plot was amazing. A lot of interesting twists occur throughout the novel. ISAN was skillfully written and thought-provoking. The story had a captivating ending. I cannot wait for the next book in the series. I highly recommend this book to science fiction lovers. ISAN would make a great movie or television series. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.