Sacked in Seattle: Game On in Seattle Rookies (Men of Tyee Book 1) - Jami Davenport

Jami Davenport’s SACKED IN SEATTLE is a hit.  I adored this book.  I fell in love with Riley Black in book 2 of the Game On in Seattle series, CRASHING THE NET.  I enjoyed hearing Riley’s and Tiffani Vernon’s story.  This contemporary sports romance is suitable for new adult and adult audiences.


Riley is a wonderful character.  He had a horrible childhood.  He was fortunate enough to be taken in by his uncle, Cooper in book 2, CRASHING NET.  He subsequently was held hostage along with Tiffani in high school shooting his freshman year.  This book takes place seven years later, during their senior year of college at Tyee University on Lake Union in Seattle. 


Both Riley and Tiffani have many scares from their past.  Riley keeps his childhood a secrete, and it comes back to haunt him.  He has gone through more than any person should have to.  Despite everything he has been through, he is a wonderful individual who is stronger for his trials and tribulations.  He and Tiffani have a complicated relationship.  Both grow tremendously throughout the novel. 


Jami Davenport is an exceptional writer.  I love her work and writing style.  I’m excited about this new spin-off series, Man of Tyee, and cannot wait for the next book.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.