Hard Stick: A Breakaway Novel - L.P. Dover


  1. P. Dover scores with HARD STICK the first book in the Breakaway series. Charlotte Strikers’ enforcer, Kellan Carter, falls for bartender, Kristen Robinson. Kristen is reluctant to get involved with Kellan due to her daunting past.  This contemporary sports romance is suitable for adult audiences.  It takes place in Boston and North Carolina.


HARD STICK was amazing.  The plot had a little of everything: mystery, drama, conspiracy, romance, hockey, tragedy, humor, and hope. 


The characters are well-developed and believable.  Kristen was a compelling heroine who had a misfortunate past.  She is strong and brave.  My heart went out to her.  She has some loyal and amazing friends.  I love Kellan.  He is the captain of the Charlotte Striker NHL team.  He is hardworking and determined.  He is protective and reliable.   He is creative when setting up his dates with Kristen.  The two have wonderful chemistry and make an outstanding couple.


Mitchell Blackwell makes a fascinating advisory.  He is power hungry and controlling.  He is a dangerous man who cannot be trusted. 


I enjoyed the story line.  It had a lot of substance and felt meaningful.  There were excellent twists.  HARD STICK is skillfully written.  It had a great pace that is tough to put down.  I enjoyed the epilogue.  It felt well concluded.  I am looking forward to Dallas Easton’s story in the next book in the series, BLOCKED.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.