Maybe This Love - Jennifer Snow

Jennifer Snow’s MAYBE THIS LOVE is an excellent addition to the Colorado Ice series.  Colorado Avalanche Captain, Ben Westmore, ends up needing a lawyer after a weekend in Vegas. He finds himself attracted to the opposing counsel, Olivia Davis.  This contemporary sports romance is suitable for adult audiences. 


We met both Ben and Olivia in book one, MAYBE THIS TIME.  Ben is Jackson’s brother, and Olivia was Abby’s lawyer.  I found how the two met amusing.  They both were hurt in previous relationships and are leery of commitment.


I like Ben.  I felt bad for what happened to him with Janelle.  I can see how it would have messed with him to make the stupid mistake that he made.  It doesn’t help that all this happens when his team is making a run for the cup, and he has been criticized for choking in previous playoffs.  There is a lot of pressure of him.  He has an amazing family.  Olivia is a great character.  She is a successful lawyer, but she lacks confidence socially.  Her parents died when she was young, and she longs for a family. 


I enjoyed the plot.  The story was believable and well laid out.  I like how Ben was adaptable on their dates.  He is very creative and thoughtful.  I also, appreciated how Ben handles things with Brandon.  I love that Olivia gets along great with Ben’s family.  There are a lot of funny scenes.  I especially found the episode with the police officer amusing.  MAYBE THIS LOVE had a great ending.  I’m looking forward to Owen’s story in the next book of the series, MAYBE THIS SUMMER.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.