Sin With Me (Bad Habit) - J.T. Geissinger

J.T. Geissinger prevails with SIN WITH ME the third book in the Bad Habit series.  After losing her memory and family, Grace Stanton, is apprehensive of relationships.  Bad Habit’s lead guitarist, Brody Scott, hides a guilty secrete from his youth.  Their chemistry is undeniable.  Fate has interesting things in store for the couple.  This contemporary Rockstar romance is suitable for adult audiences.  It takes place in California.


Grace and Brody are a fun couple.  I love how they are always quoting movie lines to each other, and that they call each other out on the verbatim of the words.  I found it amusing, how they would playfully tell the other one things like they were ugly or had big uneven feet.  I like that they are both adrenalin junkies.  I love Brody’s church. 


I found it appropriate that they both had scars from their past that caused nightmares and phobias.  Fate played an interesting roll in this story.  They both had a lot to deal with in this story and came out the better for it. 


I savored that the characters from the previous books played an important part of this novel.  Starting with the birth of Chloe and A.J.’s baby (from book two MAKE ME SIN).  The characters in this novel are amazing friends who are like a family to each other. 


I loved this story!  It helped that I already liked the main characters from the previous books in the series, but we learn so much more about both Brody and Grace in SIN WITH ME.  J.T. Geissinger does an incredible job with her character development and plot.  She is a skilled writer who creates power stories.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.