Pucked Off - Helena Hunting

Helena Hunting is on a winning streak with PUCKED OFF, the fifth book from the Pucked series.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I’ve been dying to know more about what was going on between Lance Romero and Tash; finding out his side of the story shocked me.  I love that he reconnects with Poppy in this story.  This contemporary sports romance primarily takes place in Chicago.  It is told from both Lance’s and Poppy’s point of view.


I love Lance’s character.  He is complex and unexpected.  He has a dark past.  He is good at hiding his issues.  My heart really went out to him.  I’m so glad he crossed paths with Poppy again.  She is the perfect person to heal him, physically and mentally.  I thought it was clever how Lance and Poppy met as kids.  Poppy is about as sweet as they come.  I appreciated that she ends up becoming Lance’s massage therapist. 


Tash surprised me.  I liked her in the earlier books.  I would have never guessed the issues going on with her.  It goes to show to show how different a person’s true nature can be.


I love how tight Lance is with his teammates and their girlfriends/wife.  They are his family and look out for him.  I love how the girls got involved with Poppy.  


Helena Hunting did an amazing job with this story.  The characters are skillfully developed and believable.  The plot was unique and intriguing.  I LOVED the ending; it was very clever.  This series just keeps getting better.  I become more invested in the characters with every new book.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.