Touched by a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 6) - Paranormal Fairy Tale Romance - Alisa Woods

Alisa Woods continues to amaze me with her thrilling and creative stories in the Fallen Immortals Series.  Book six, TOUCHED BY A DRAGON held me mesmerized.  The story takes place after book five, SEDUCED BY A DRAGON, continuing Leonidas' and Rosalyn's story.  They are still in the French Keep.  In book five, Rosalyn was infected with a demon.  Now she is pregnant, and the witches and dragons are trying to come up with a solution to save her and her unborn dragonling.


My heart broke for Leonidas and Rosalyn.  They truly love each other and their unborn child.  It seemed like they could not catch any breaks.  There were many unexpected twists and unforeseen surprises; especially concerning some of the people that tried to help the couple. The plot was incredibly carefully thought out and exciting.  The characters are likeable and believable.  There were fascinating conflicts, particularly among family members on both sides.  Plus, there was lots of steamy romance. 


Alisa Woods is a gifted and creative writer.  I have never been disappointed by any of her work that I have read far.  I’m really looking forward to Leksander and Erelah story.  I’m curious how Erelah is going to respond to Leksander.  She seems so clueless, and he is hopelessly in love with her.  It should be interesting.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.