Seduced by a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 5) - Paranormal Fairytale Romance - Alisa Woods

Leonidas’ and Rosalyn’s story continues in book five of the Fallen Immortals series, SEDUCED BY A DRAGON.  The book starts out where book four, CHOSEN BY A DRAGON, left off.  Leonidas fell in love with Rosalyn.  Thus, his curse turned him into a wyvern.  Strangely, he is still of sound mind.  Leonidas and Rosalyn, with help from their families, try to break the curse. 


Once again, Alisa Woods does an amazing job of keeping the story exciting from start to finish.  There are numerous unexpected twists and thrilling adventures.  SEDUCED BY A DRAGON has the couple traveling outside of Seattle to Europe to try to break the curse.  I love that they go to the dragons’ original castle that they have discussed in previous books. 


The characters continue to grow and are well developed.  Rosalyn gets some unexpected family help to train her with her witch powers.  I love that she gets the opportunity to know her family and be mentored. 


We discover some fascinating history in this novel.  Rosalyn’s mother, Isadora, tells her story about falling in love with a shifter.  We learn more about Rosalyn’s father, Silas Damon of the Damon coven.  


The story also has some compelling encounters with the Fae of both courts that keeps the story unanticipated.  Zephan is an evil adversary who loves to mess with the dragons.  I couldn’t believe the level he stooped to.  I enjoyed the ending to the story and cannot wait to read where it goes in the next book, TOUCHED BY A DRAGON.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.