She Wolf - Sheri Lewis Wohl

Jäger/Werewolf Lily Avergne, is a hunter of supernatural creatures that prey on the innocent.  She is assigned to investigate a string of murders in Colville, Washington.  However, local sheriff, Jayne Quarles, is not thrilled to have the assistance of the Jägers. This contemporary PNR is suitable for adult audiences. 


SHE WOLF starts out with a Prologue in Danzig, 1588.  It informs us how Lily was transformed into a werewolf and helps explain why she became a hunter.  Then the story switches to present day, in eastern Washington. 


Lily is a compelling character.  She is lonely and has lived a long time.  She is noble for trying to defend those that are weaker than her.  I like Jayne.  It is understandable why she feels the way she does throughout the story.  She makes a good companion for Lily.


I like Kyle Miller.  He has an interesting talent.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a spin-off of the novel with Kyle and Ava. 


The rogues in the story are noteworthy and complex.  They made the story thought-provoking.  The plot was carefully thought out.  I like how events circled around.  It was a good story that had interesting twists.  I did at times find myself occasionally skimming the story to move ahead quicker.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.