Beyond Layers: Layer Series Book Four (Layers Series 4) - TL Alexander, Hot Trees Editing

Samantha Grant thinks she is cursed.  The people she loves, end up dying.  So when she meets NHL star, Logan Romano, she tries to make sure she doesn’t get to emotionally attached to him.  However, Logan has other plans.  This contemporary romance takes place in North Carolina and New York.  It is suitable for adults.


T.L. Alexander does a fantastic job with her character development.  Her characters are complex and believable.  Samantha is an admiral heroine.  She is intelligent and a humanitarian.  She has a wonderful relationship with her sister.  She is a good person that has great values.  Logan is a fun hero.  He is tired of flings and wants a relationship.  Being a hockey player, he is used to women falling all over him, until Samantha.  He is determined and caring.  


I like how Samantha and Logan meet.  Samantha wants nothing to do with a relationship and just agrees to a fling, never giving him her last name.  Logan is intrigued by Samantha and does everything he can to learn more about her.  Logan is usually the person to want the one-night-stand; the tables have been turned on him.  He wants a relationship with Samantha.


The plot was well done and intriguing.  Being a high-profile individual, Samantha has a stalker.  This adds excitement to the story and unexpected twist. Both characters have numerous obstacles to overcome in this story.  There are a lot of interesting things that happen throughout the story that held me captivated.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.