Chosen by a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 4) - Paranormal Fairytale Romance - Alisa Woods

Alisa Woods’ CHOSEN BY A DRAGON is an amazing addition to the Fallen Immortals series. Leonidas, Dragon Prince of the House of Smoke was cursed by a witch to die if he ever fell in love. Unfortunately, to keep a treaty with the Fae in tacked he needs to find a woman to fall in love with him and have his dragonling while not falling in love with her. What better choice not to lose his heart to than a witch. This contemporary PNR takes place in Seattle, Washington. It is suitable for adults.

Alisa Woods’ continues to do a wonderful job with her character development. Leonidas finds himself in quite a predicament. He cannot fall in love, yet he must fulfill the treaty find a woman to love him and have his dragonling. I could see his logic in selecting a witch. How could he ever fall in love with a woman who is the same species that cursed him? I like Leonidas’ character; at almost five hundred years old, he has experienced and been through a lot. He was blindsided by the treaty. He always thought it would be his older brother responsibility to find a mate and have a child. They discovered in the last book that the treaty included the other two triplets in the treaty as well, so, Leonidas does not have a lot of time on his side. He is an honorable and good guy. I like how he is with his nephew, Larik.

Rosalyn Thorne is a down on her luck witch that has no plans on falling in love with a shifter. She thought dragons were a myth. She looks at Leonidas as an opportunity to help her mother and better their lives. Peculiarly, both Leonidas and Rosalyn have been wronged by the witches. I like that Leonidas knows that Rosalyn is up to something but still peruses her. She is persistent at getting what she wants. The two have an intense chemistry that is fun to read about.

I enjoyed the plot; it was fast moving with lots of twists. CHOSEN BY A DRAGON is well-written and clever. I like how supportive the brothers are of each other. I love that Leonidas looks out for Rosalyn despite some of the things she does. The ending was thrilling, and I am very interested in reading the next book to see how it turns out. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.