Crazy Pucking Love  - Cindi Madsen

Cindi Madsen scores a hat trick with the third book in the Taking Shots series CRAZY PUCKING LOVE.  I love this series.  In this story, Megan Davenport, the little sister of team captain, Beck Davenport (book one), is a freshman at Boston College.  She meets the boy of her dreams, Dane Kowalski, only to discover that he is her brother’s teammate and sworn off-limits.  However, Dane and Megan have a class together and are both insomniacs, so they decide that the threat shouldn’t stop them from becoming friends.  This contemporary sports romance is suitable for new adults. 


I like Megan.  We met her in book one, when she struggled with her parents’ death and was seeking out negative attention.  Now she is starting school at Boston College with a list of positive goal.  She wants a fresh start and to be true to herself.  She is a sweet girl whom you can’t help but like.  I love her geeky side and am glad she chooses to embrace that part of her and not worry about the popular crowd.  I found her math equations amusing. 


I enjoyed learning more about Dane’s character.  Dane is Hudson Decker’s (book 2) best friend.  The two grew up together in the Bronx.  Dane has some issues concerning his ex-girlfriend that he needs to overcome to move forward.    He is also worried about his younger sister, Lissa.  He is a good guy, that cares about the people that are important to him. 


I enjoyed the plot.  I like how Megan and Dane meet.  I like how they hang out at the diner.  I thought the part about them both being insomniacs and understanding each other cleaver.  I enjoyed the creative ways they spent time together.  I love both their geeky sides.  The two get each other and are a good fit.  Both the characters grow and have obstacles to overcome as individuals and a couple.  I enjoyed how the story ended. Cindi Madsen continues to do a phenomenal job with this series.  I cannot wait for her next book in the series.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.