This Piece of My Heart (Clearing the Ice) (Volume 1) - Robyn M. Ryan

Robyn M. Ryan’s THIS PIECE OF MY HEART is a great start to the Clearing the Ice series.  While attending summer school, College student, Caryn Stevens, literally runs into NHL star, Andrew Chadwick, and sparks fly.  This contemporary sports romance takes place in Toronto, Ottawa, and St. Louis.  It is suitable for New Adult audiences. 


THIS PIECE OF MY HEART is a cute story.  I like how the characters met.  Andrew is a sweet guy.  He is supportive and believes in Caryn.  Caryn is likeable.  Her father is understandably overprotective.  However, he goes overboard by pretty much controlling her life.  I like that she eventually does what she wants. 


The characters grew throughout the story and overcame obstacles.  Andrews ex, Monique, is dramatic, manipulative, and selfish.  She is the opposite of Caryn.  I’m glad he wised up and got rid of her.  She causes some interesting complications in the story.  Not to mention the stuff Caryn’s father pulls.  I appreciated how Andrew was supportive during that time.


THIS PIECE OF MY HEART is an enjoyable read.   The story was believable and the characters likeable.  I like how the story ended and look forward to reading the couples story in the next book, THIS PIECE OF MY SOUL, scheduled to release on January 1, 2017.


I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.