The Witchling Seer (Skinwalkers Witchling Book 3) - B. Kristin McMichael

Kristin McMichael’s THE WITCHLING SEER takes place following book 2, THE WENDIGO WITCHLING.  Cassie Booth now has two mates, Nate and Jared, causing a volatile truce between the skinwalkers and wendigo.  There is ongoing conspiracy, while Cassie tries to find a solution for continued peace. This paranormal fantasy is suitable for young adults.


  1. Kristin McMichael continues doing a great job developing her characters. Cassie is still new to the supernatural world and learning as she goes on, especially where her visions are concerned. She and her very different mates used to be best friends as children but all that changed eight years prior when Jared was forced to turn to a wendigo and Cassie’s memory was stolen.  I respect Cassie’s drive and concern for others.  Despite Nate’s and Jared’s differences, they are both very protective of Cassie.  Jared is sweet and selfless.  Nate is strong and a good leader.


I liked the ties to B. Kristin McMichael’s other trilogies: Blue Eyes and Day Human.  While you can understand the Skinwalkers' Witchling series without reading those trilogies, I found that some of the incidences probably had a lot more meaning for me having read those books.  I love that Turner Winter once again makes an appearance in this series, in addition to, Arianna Grace, from the Blue Eyes Trilogy.  Ariana plays a significant role in the novel. I’m a huge fan of Devin and was happy he made an appearance. 


I enjoyed the plot.  There is a lot of treachery, and I was never really sure where the story is going to go.   We find out some interesting things about Cassie’s parents.  There were unexpected twists. The story was fast-paced and kept me enthralled.  Some heartbreaking things happened.  The story had a great ending that felt well resolved.  I will look forward to Whitney’s story to be release in 2017.


Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.