The Goal - Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy’s THE GOAL is an amazing addition to the Off-Campus Series. Sabrina James has her five-year plan laid out, and it does not include hockey players. Then she meets hockey forward John Tucker, who has every intention of being part of her future. THE GOAL takes place during the same time frame as the previous book, THE SCORE. This new adult contemporary sports romance takes place at Briar University and Massachusetts.


I like Sabrina. She is an intelligent and strong individual. Her home life is not the best, and she is set out to do everything in her power to improve her life. Her step father, Ray, is a piece of work. That man is pure slime. I like her two best friends: Carin and Hope. I’m glad she has them. I appreciated that she has Professor Gibson on her side. Sabrina comes off as cold to others, but it is extremely understandable why. She is a good person that has been dealt a difficult hand. She has to work hard for everything in an environment where most people have things handed to them.


Tucker is a great guy. He is honest, calm, confident, patient, and persistent. He is a great roommate because he takes care of everyone. He is a good son. He is the perfect guy for Sabrina; he mostly understands her, although he does make a few mistakes.


Sabrina and Dean Di Laurentis (book 3) are nemesis. Since Dean is one of Tucker’s best friends and roommate, this is a bit of an issue, as a result, they hide their relationship from Tucker’s friends.


The scenes with Beau Maxwell were emotional from the start since I knew what was going to happen from the previous book. It was heartbreaking to read others’ perspectives.


Once again, Elle Kennedy, does a fantastic job with both her character development and plot. The novel is well written. I like that this story continues past graduation. Just like real life there are a lot of ups and downs. The characters grow tremendously and endure a lot. THE GOAL is a believable a heartfelt story that made me experience just about every emotion possible. Off-Campus is an amazing series that I highly recommend.


Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.