Into The Flames (Firehouse Fourteen Book 4) - Lisa B. Kamps

Lisa B. Kamps’ INTO THE FLAMES is a hot addition to the Firehouse Fourteen Series.  For the past three-month, fireman Dale Gannon, has been suffering from lack of sleep because of his annoying new neighbor’s absence of courtesy by blaring awful music. The last thing he expects when he finally confronts his neighbor is to be attracted to her.  This contemporary romance is suitable for adults.  It is set in Baltimore.


We get to know Dale in Lisa B. Kamps’ ON THIS ICE (The Baltimore Banners, #8).  He is the brother of youth hockey referee, Lauren Gannon, who begins dating Baltimore Banners defenseman, Kenny Haskell, in that story.  I love that these two series crossed over.  In ON THIS ICE Dale’s and Lauren’s little sister Lindsay, poisoned Lauren.  In INTO THE FLAMES, Lindsey is about to go to trial for her crime.  Dale feels guilty for his sister’s action, thinking that if he gave her more attention, she might have not turned out so spoiled and self-entitled.  While you could follow INTO THE FLAMES without reading ON THIS ICE, I highly suggest you read ON THIS ICE.  It is an excellent book, and it gives you the story of what happened prior to this book. 


Dale is a great guy.  He is brave and dependable.  He hasn’t been himself because of the things going on with his sister. His friends and family are worried about him.  He finally starts to come back around when he meets Melanie.  I love that he calls Melanie Smurfette.  It is very appropriate considering how he meets her. 


Artist, Melanie Reeves is a fun free-spirited person. I love that she has a great sense of color, being able to express emotions in her artwork.  I also like, that her artwork evolved throughout the story as her feelings changed. I thought it was cool that both of Melanie's parents are artist.  I love that her mom understands her by just looking at her paintings.


I appreciated that Dale always ends up helping Melanie when she is locked out of her apartment. 


I love that Lauren and Kenny are in this story a lot.  I like that Lauren got along with Melanie and invited her to her first hockey game. 


Lisa B. Kamps did an amazing job with INTO THE FALMES.  The plot was well-executed and believable.  The characters are emotional and evolve throughout the story.  This was an excellent read from cover to cover. 


Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.