Tape to Tape: The Venom Series 3 - V. L. Locey, Rebecca Cartee
  1. L. Locey TAPE TO TAPE is a wonderful addition to the Venom Series. Venom defensive coach, Dorothy “Dot” West, is infuriated when former Wildcat goalie and co-host of a Philadelphia sports talk radio show, Theo Grier, bashes the Venom on the air. She calls in to speak her mind.  The next thing she knows she is co-hosting a new talk radio show with Grier.  The contemporary sports romance is suitable for adult audiences.


I like Dot.  She is a decorated Olympic athlete.  She knows hockey and loves the sport.  She is a thirty-four-year-old loving single mom.  I think it is cute that her daughter, Abigail, pretends to be British because she loves Harry Potter.  The girl clearly has taste.  I could understand why Theo initially rubs Dot wrong.  I like that he is confident and persistent.  I love that their kids get along.  The two have great chemistry and make a good couple.


I was furious at the woman who approached Dot, Abigail, Sofia, and Serena on their night out.  I dislike prejudice, especially when it is against a child.  That was just wrong.  It’s unfortunate that things like that really happen.  I thought it was great when Isabelle asked Dot if she wanted to discuss the difficulties of being in an interracial relationship. The two have some things in common. 


I love that Dot moves into the same building as Derrick Andersson and Maggie Charles.  I think it is wonderful that Dot and Maggie become good friends.  I appreciated that topics were covered from previous books, like Liz and Veikko Aho adopting Trevor’s baby.  I look forward to reading where V. L. Locey takes us in her next book in the series.


Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.