Alice's Alphas (Wolf Clan Shifters) (Volume 1) - Ann Gimpel, Angela Kelly, Fiona Jayde

Thirty-year-old Alice Carey becomes stranded while mountain climbing.  Jed Starnes scents his mate and rescues her.  He decides to claim her prior to divulging, not only will she be mating him but two others.  This historical PNR takes place in the Sierra Navada Mountains in the year 1936.


Ann Gimpel does a great job of making the characters speak like they are in the correct time period.  The story was credible of its era.  She also set a good foundation for the series explaining the relevance of the hunters and the lack of mates. 


I like that Alice is a modern woman.  I appreciated that she does not conform.  She is a civil engineer and loves the outdoors, typically something men would do.  I like that the men who formed their pack: Jed, Bron, and Terin, got along so well.   Brent made an interesting adversary.  I thought it was clever how he tied into the story with Alice.  I like how the story ended.


Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.