Rock Steady - Dawn Ryder

Dawn Ryder’s Rock Steady is a hit.  Toxsin guitarist, Ramsey Brimer, needs emergency tattoo work done after a scorned groupie marks him with an unsuitable tattoo.  He is intrigued by tattoo artist, Jewel Ryan, and convinces her to join the band’s tour.  This contemporary rock star romance is suitable to new adult and adult audiences.


I like Jewel’s character.  Having a design background, I love that she is a talented artist. I like that Ramsey’s tattoo became part of his stage persona.  I enjoyed learning more about Ramsey.  He is an interesting individual.  He doesn’t have the best relationship with his parents.  I respected that he brought Jewel home with him and how the situation materialized.  The two have fabulous chemistry and complement each other well. 


I enjoyed the plot. The tattoo aspect was clever.  I love that the band is like a family.  They have been through a lot together.  I appreciated that we learn more about Syon’s and Ramsey’s childhood in this story.  I felt bad for all the ridiculous stuff they had to deal with the paparazzi.  The story was exciting from beginning to end.  I like how the story ended and look forward to Taz’s story.


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.