Ghost Dance - Catherine Gayle

Catherine Gayle’s Ghost Dance is a moving addition to the Tulsa Thunderbirds Series.  Hockey star Dmitri Nazarenko was living the dream until a terrible mistake changed his life.  He is unable to forgive himself.  He meets sled hockey player London Hawke who challenges him both on and off the ice. Ghost Dance is a contemporary sports romance that is suitable for adult audiences.  It primarily takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


When I was in college, I lived with a couple of people that were on the wheelchair track/cross-country and basketball teams.  They are amazing athletes and people that competed in the Paralympics.  I have so much respect for them.  Every time I worked out with them, they kicked my butt.  Needless to say, I love that this story had sled/sledge hockey players in it.  My roommate used to drive a lot, so I am familiar with the hand brake system in the cars that was mentioned in the story.  Catherine Gayle does an excellent job describing the details that go with being in a wheelchair and playing a sport. 


I love the characters and plot.  It is understandable why Dima has a hard time forgiving himself.  I adore that he is the baby whisperer for Harper. It was a good outlet for him before London came into his life.  I appreciated his relationship with Sergei Mironov and his mother.  Being of Hungarian descent and first-generation American, I could relate to the similar Russian culture.  London is great.  I like that she played college hockey and how that worked into the story.  I love how she challenges Dima and does not back down.  Both characters are likeable and grow a lot throughout the story.


The ending was a gripping transition into the next book in the series, Rite of Passage.  I cannot wait to read it.  If you enjoy sports romances with real-world issues, I highly recommend the Tulsa Thunderbirds Series.  Catherine Gayle is an amazing writer whose books are difficult to put down.


Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.