Backlash (Winter's Wrath Book 1) - Bianca Sommerland

Bianca Sommerland’s Backlash is a fabulous start to another great series, Winter’s Wrath.  Lead guitarist of the band Winter’s Wrath, Alder Trousseau, is at odds with their lead singer/his brother, Braver.  The drama is tearing the band apart.  This contemporary romance is suitable for adult audiences. 


Bianca Sommerland does a phenomenal job with her character development.  The Trousseau brothers have some issue steaming back to their family.  Braver comes off as a jerk but there is more going on with him then what is going on at the surface.  I like Alder.  He is a caring man.  He is open-minded and smart.  I love their roadie, Jesse.  He cares about the guys and looks out for their well being.  The dynamics between Alder, Brave, and Jesse was fascinating. Danica Tallien is a strong heroine.  I enjoyed how her and Alder met, and how that was tied into the story.  Winter’s Wrath’s manager, Zach Cole, is a piece of work.  He does help make the story interesting.  I also, enjoyed the rest of the band and look forward to discovering more about their characters in future books. 


I enjoyed the plot.  It seemed very believable.  I love the scene where Danica was hanging out with the authors at the concert.  I could totally picture Bianca Sommerland there.  I like the contrast and similarities throughout the story: Danica’ upbringing vs, Alder/Brave; Danica’s manager versus Winter’s Wrath.  Both managers are intense, but I would take Danica’s manager over Zach any day.  I appreciated Danica’s friendship with Jesse.  I love how the story evolves.  The dynamics throughout the book were captivating.  There was a little of everything in the story: drama, mystery, thrills, crime, humor, entertainment, and romance. I cannot wait for the next book.


Complimentary copy provided via in exchange for an honest review.