Secrets of Successful Virtual Book Tours (Quick Tips for Authors 1) - Roxanne Rhoads

Secrets of Successful Virtual Book Tours by Roxanne Rhoads is written to help authors in promoting their books.  I read it because I am a book blogger and figured I could also learn a few things to help out my favorite authors.  As a book blogger, I am often surprised by the number of new authors I meet that do not really promote their books. There are a lot of inexpensive and free ways for them to do so.  Roxanne Rhoads does an excellent job of laying these ideas out.  The book is well-organized and easy to follow.  She points out author mistakes and faux pas.  She speaks from her past experiences.


I have a background in marketing. Roxanne Rhoads has a strong understanding of marketing and does a great job of explaining her suggestions and ideas.  I highly suggest this book to all authors.  There are many great ideas in this book that can help brand you as an author as well as get your books noticed.  There are so many books out there.  It is absolutely necessary for an author to promote themselves.  As a blogger, Roxanne Rhoads does an exceptional job mentioning the things we look for.  As a reader, one of the things I look at when discovering a new author/book is the information I find on the web.  This book will give you all the tools you need to establish yourself.


Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.