Favorite Obsession: A Multiple Shifter Paranormal Romance (Royal Pride Book 3) - Nancy Corrigan

Nancy Corrigan’s Favorite Obsession is a fast-paced and thrilling shapeshifter novel.  Human, Josh Conway, is determined to make royal cat shifter Mira Moore his.  All he needs to do is convince her, her family, and the Shifter Council to accept him.  This contemporary PNR takes place in West Virginia and is suitable for adult audiences.


Nancy Corrigan does a fantastic job with her character development.  I felt bad for everything that Mira went through.  What Edmund did to her was appalling. I like her twin, Devin.  He is honorable and cares deeply for her.  I love Josh. He went through some interesting changes throughout the story.  I like Josh’s sister, Zoe.  I am interested in finding out more about her and Kade.  Micah Krisban was a noteworthy antagonist.


The plot was unique and carefully thought out.  The lack of rights the female shifters have drove me crazy.  They are behind in women’s liberation.  The Shifter Council was quite meddlesome and added interesting conflict to the story.  A lot happened in Favorite Obsession that kept this story exciting and hard to put down.  This was the first story I have read in the Royal Pride Series.  I am now interested in reading the initial two stories and continuing to follow this series.


Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.