Losing an Edge (Portland Storm Book 13) - Catherine Gayle

Catherine Gayle’s Losing an Edge is another perfect addition to the Portland Storm Series. Levi “501” Babcock feels like he is always second best, after his older brother.  That is until he meets his teammate’s sister/gold-medal figure skater Cadence Johnson. 


I feel bad for saying this, but Jamie is still my favorite Storm player/Babcock, but Levi is a really close second - ouch, poor Levi, always in Jamie’s shadow.  He is a great guy.  I love that he watches Impractical Jokers.  He is super sweet.  He has a huge heart.  I love how is with Sophie, and that she was so involved in this story.  He did give the best Valentine’s Day Gift of all time.  I do love Levi.  It would be really hard living in the shadow of an older brother like Jamie.  It helps that Jamie has absolutely no clue, and I’m glad Levi recognized that.  The brothers really love each other and are best friends.  They are a lot alike, but at the same time two very different people, both amazing in their own way.


Cadence is great.  I am glad she left her old skating partner to move to Portland.  It takes a lot of courage to leave a situation like that.  She is talented, brave and a sweet person.  She loves her family and cares deeply for her friends.  It is understandable why she would initially be cautious of Levi.  The two are a cute couple.  I loved their chemistry.


The plot was emotional and unexpected.  Some scary/threatening things happen.  As always, Catherine Gayle includes a meaningful subject matter that tugs at your heart.  I love how all the little details came together in the end.  This is one of those significant books for me that I keep thinking about days after I read it.  I love every book in this series.  Catherine Gayle keeps amazing me. 


Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.