Delay of Game (The Baltimore Banners Book 6) - Lisa B. Kamps

I loved Lisa B. Kamps’s Delay of Game.  It is a wonderful addition to the Baltimore Banners Series. NHL player Justin Tome has been failing to measure up.  The last thing he should do is get involved with his teammate's sister, Valerie Michaels.  This contemporary hockey romance is suitable for new adult and adult audiences.


My son plays hockey and his name is Justin, so I had a little spot in my heart for Justin Tome right away.  Plus, he used to wear the same jersey number, 90.  Grant it other than that, they are nothing alike.  Justin Tome has had a hard life.  His mom dies when he was young, and his dad is …evil…a jerk…pond scum; you get the idea.  My heart went out to Justin, the abuse he endured is tragic.  It was no wonder he felt so little self-worth.  Val has the perfect personality for Justin.  She is tough.  She doesn’t pity him.  She cares about him and wants to help him.  I like that she does not let her brother’s opinion sway her out of dating Justin.  They have great chemistry.  They have numerous obstacles to overcome.  The hockey scenes are well described.  I enjoy the team dynamics and comradery.  I enjoyed the plot.  The story had unexpected situations and felt well resolved.  I love the ending.  Lisa B. Kamps has continued to do a wonderful job with the Baltimore Banners Series.  I look forward to her next book.


Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.