Power Play: A Pilots Hockey Novel - Sophia Henry

Sophia Henry scores another win with Power Play the second book in the Pilots Hockey Series.  AHL star defenseman for the Detroit Pilots, Landon Taylor, has had a crush on Gabriella since they were children.  After a near tragedy, he gains the confidence to pursue her.  However, there is a reason Gabriella Bertucci is skittish around boys, she won’t let him in easily.


I really enjoyed Power Play.  I love that the two main characters have known each other since they were kids, both had crushes on the other, but never did anything about it until they are older.  I love their first kiss when they were kids and found it humorous that Gabriella did not remember it.  I like that the family is loyal to Detroit and wants to keep their business located there.  The plot had a couple of interesting conflicts that were realistic and heartfelt.  I sympathized with Gabriella but understand why her family was so protective of her.  There are definitely some assumptions and lack of communication going on throughout this story.  Power Play felt well resolved and had a great ending.


On a side note, it was fate that I read this book.  The Pilots are a fictitious AHL hockey team that plays real AHL hockey teams in this book.  So I found it amusing that on Saturday night while I was waiting for my husband and son to get ready, and I decided to get a few pages of Power Play in. I was about twenty percent into the book.  The Pilots were in Chicago and going to play the Chicago Wolves.  It so happens that we were about to go to a Wolves game that night.  But wait, there is more…the next team the Pilots play in the book is the Iowa Wild. Guess who the Wolves played that night.  Yup fate. 


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.