The Vampire Games: A Dystopian Paranormal Romance - Stephanie Archer

Stephanie Archer’s The Vampire Games is an imaginative and thrilling twist to the world of vampires.  This contemporary paranormal novel is suitable for young adults, yet still enjoyable for an adult audience.  Bianka discovers that her life is a lie, and her town of Hidden Oaks is just a place where humans are kept until it was time to harvest them for their blood for the vampires living below their town.  She ends up fighting for her life and the opportunity to become a vampire. 


I enjoyed The Vampire Games.  It had the feel of The Hunger Games. It was full of action and unexpected twists. Bianka is a worthy heroine.  She is a fighter.  I like how loyal a friend she is, especially to Marc.  Lord Hector is a good villain.  He is easy to dislike and not trustworthy.  I really liked Phillip. I thought Bianka was a little too hard on him. 


I enjoyed Stephanie Archer’s writing style and plot.  The novel had a dark feel.  It was original and convincing.  The story had an exciting ending that left me anticipating the next book.  It would make a great movie.


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.