SEAL Wolf In Too Deep - Terry Spear

SEAL Wolf In Too Deep by Terry Spear is an exciting PNR that will keep guessing.  I love wolf shifters and I am a certified scuba diver so this book immediately caught my attention.  Wolf Shifter/SEAL Allan Rappaport is reassigned to work with police diver Debbie Renaud while his partner Paul Cunningham (from Heart of the Wolf #16) is out with a broken leg. The duo is investigating a crime scene that is tied to wolf shifters.  The problem is, Debbie is a human, so Paul needs to investigate the crime while keeping secrets from his partner.


I liked Allan in book 16, SEAL Wolf Hunting, and was excited to hear his story.  He is loyal to his pack and protective of those he cares about.  Debbie is clever and brave.  Both respect each other as co-workers.  The two have great chemistry and a lot in common.  Allan makes a noble effort to attempt to not become romantically involved with Debbie.  The plot was interesting with multiple twist.  There was a lot of action and mystery surrounding the werewolves and werewolf hunters that kept the story interesting. I enjoyed the conclusion. 


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.